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Pea Ridge Gamebird Hatchery

Flying Mallards (Dan & Imogene's )

Available year 'round

Reared from "wild" stock
"One" of Dan's pens
To place an order - please call or write
Dan Nichols
Contact information at bottom of page
Tell him you saw them on our web site.
This page is a courtesy for a good  'ole boy neighbor



Eggs are shipped in lots of 300 at a time
250 egg order (300 eggs shipped)                  $195.00 + S & H
500 egg order (600 eggs shipped)                  $375.00 + S & H
1,000 egg order (1,200 eggs shipped)            $695.00 + S & H

Day Old Chicks
100 day olds                       $   175.00 includes S & H
500 day olds                       $   625.00 + S & H
1,000 day olds                    $1,200.00 + S & H
Supplying day old ducklings, 4 wk, 8 wk and started young flyers. Hatching eggs also available. Large orders for gun clubs welcome.

Please contact Dan and Imogene Nichols directly for quotes on prices. They do not have e-mail so you must either contact by snail mail or call.

Dan and Imogene Nichols
5054 Prairie Branch Road
P.O. Box 356
Hartville, MO  65667

All prices FOB Hartville, Mo.

K Bar K Ranch & Game Bird Hatchery