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Pea Ridge Gamebird Hatchery

2005 -- Flight Birds

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Ringneck Pheasants

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Bobwhite Quail


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For OCT 1, 2005 delivery
(check on feasibility and cost of delivery)
10 Weeks Old & Up. Hen / Cock Mix $8.00ea
Flight Conditioned Birds
100% Cocks $9.50ea
100% Hens $8.50ea
Straight run (Mixed 70% males) $8.95 ea
Prices for mature pheasants picked up or delivered
after Oct. 1, 2005 increase $0.25 a week/bird.

We pride ourselves on the hardiness and health of our Chinese Ringneck Pheasants. You'll agree, we guarantee it!

Bobwhite flight birds:
Delivery Month:
June-October Birds $3.25 each
November-December Birds $3.80 each
January-February Birds $4.50each



FOB: Hartville Mo.
We prefer adult birds be picked up at the ranch.

K Bar K Ranch & Game Bird Hatchery