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Pea Ridge Gamebird Hatchery

Ornamental Pheasants

Please call and special order exotic pheasants. 
--Payment can be made by check (shipment once check
  cleared) or most preferably by money order.

Prices do not include USPS Express Mail or USPS approved shipping container prices

Because we have no control over the care given to the birds after they leave our premises, there is no guarantee  expressed or implied.



Photo courtesy John Corder and the WPA

Red Golden
2005 Price List:
We have a limited supply of these rare exotic birds, so each customer is limited to 6 eggs of each species.

Lady Amherst: eggs - $50.00 for 6 eggs.; chick-$12.00 ea.; youth-$45.00 ea.;
No Adults or youth available at this time

Red Golden: eggs - $45.00 for 6 eggs; chick-$9.50 ea.; youth-$35.00 ea.; adult-$50.00@; pair-$90.00  (check for availability on adults and youth)

K Bar K Ranch & Game Bird Hatchery