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Pea Ridge Gamebird Hatchery

Butcher Livestock Available

We raise them for You - Your way!!


We have available:
Just arrived - 6 Black Angus approx. 400 lbs
3 left  (2/24/03)

Pasture fed with free choice grain and minerals available.
Finished off the last 6 weeks on good old fashioned corn.
(Provides that good marbling)
Makes for some mighty fine eating.

If it is on our dining table - We raised it !!!
We raise all our own meats and vegatables. We do not care for the pestacides, hormones and steroids given everything now days that you get when you buy at the store.

Think of your health. Do some checking.
Do you know what was fed to that steak you are eating tonight?

All our calves are ear tagged for identification.
You may come by and pick out yours or we will be putting photos on line for your selection.
References from some of our customers available on request.


Our Calves are raised naturally - WITHOUT HORMONES OR STEROIDS. We will raise them your way or ours to get you the choicest of meat. We will deliver them to your processor within 100 miles of our Ranch FREE!!
Suggested butcher weight - around 800/900 lbs. (Live weight)

We will also raise pork for our customers.
Just think of a nice pork chop 1" thick you can cut with a fork. Juicy and tender with some applesauce on the side.
Sausage made the way you like it. Hams and bacon cured your way.
The only way to eat.


Quaility at a reasonable price. A little more than at the store, but you know what you are getting when you have it raised for you.
We will be receiving more calves about
  March 2003.


K Bar K Ranch & Game Bird Hatchery