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Pea Ridge Gamebird Hatchery

Domestic Fowl

Best of the Best

Watch your step!!!
Under Construction

All Chicks sold straight run only!
(I don't know how nor have the time to sex them)
Put some feed on the ground ...
If he eats it - it's a male
If she eats it - it's a hen

Rhode Island Red Chickens
(Brown Egg Layers)
(excellent meat birds)
Avialable all year
$0.75 ea + S&H
min. 25 for
(needed to keep each other warm during shipping)
Pekin Ducks
(Same as Donald Duck)
Sorry all spoken for 2003
Bourbon Turkeys
Sold out for 2003
Have a great day - Thanks for stopping by

K Bar K Ranch & Game Bird Hatchery